Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

The new EA Sports MVP baseball game showed up at the office for Lang today. That’s right, college baseball. I don’t really care about it as a sport, but last year’s game was so much fun to play that I would put it in the top 5 games of the year, easily. They don’t make it for PS3 or any of the next gen consoles, and maybe its better that way cause sometime too much realism ruins the game. I’m looking forward to renewing the afternoon rivalry with Lang. Even if he puts in his cheat codes when I’m not looking.
But you’re here for NBA player of the D.A.Y. There were four real standout performances in wins. One is Stephen Jackson getting his revenge against the Pacers in Indy, with the Super Bowl champs watching from courtside. Another is Andre Iguodala going off against the Nets. Caron Butler picked up the slack for a struggling Gilbert Arenas (and missing Jamison) but that was against the Sonics. And the final one is Amare Stoudemire carrying the Suns past the Nuggets, with Nash out with a shoulder injury, though the Nuggets were without Iverson and Camby.

Hmmmmmm… I feel like I’ve gravitated to the Suns and Nets this year, one for the fun factor, the other because all of their games are close and they usually blow it. Jackson had 7 turnovers and got his shot blocked from behind by a 38 year old 5 foot 10 guy. Can’t do it. Iguodala, close but I’m sorry. I have to give it to a huge performance in the biggest game of the night.

Player of the D.A.Y. is Amare Stoudemire. 36 and 13 on 13 of 17 shooting, making Carmelo’s triple double (and first 10 rebound game of the season) a loser.