Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Now see, this pisses me off. There were 13 games last night. Tonight there are two, Dallas-Houston and Lakers-Cleveland. Kobe and LeBron have their too soon rematch while maybe T-Mac scares everyone into thinking an individual virtuoso can beat the Mavs.

Paul Pierce led the Celtics to their first win since, I don’t know, possibly the dawn of time. I have been writing off big performances against the C’s, but now Milwaukee is proving to be nearly as bad. I can’t give it to Paul just because that would make two in a row against the Bucks, and they don’t deserve that kind of respect.

Other worthy candidates that fell short are Gerald Wallace, Chris Bosh, KG, Stephen Jackson, Joe Johnson, and Ray Allen. I’m giving today’s player of the D.A.Y. to Deron Williams. Utah hung on to beat Cleveland by one, the key basket a jumper from Deron. On a night when LeBron had help from Larry Hughes’s 33 points and Anderson Varaejo’s 17 boards, Deron came through with 33 and 12. Too bad he’s not on the All-Star team like most of those other names.