Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Fri-Day! And it really feels like one. I’m not asking for sympathy here, but if you count Monday’s travel day, some of us have been working for 12 straight days. I know, I know, boo hoo you were in Vegas and went to All-Star games and activites and parties and stuff. That doesn’t change the fact that tomorrow is a Saturday with no responsibility for me. Actually I do have one responsibility…

I have to catch up on my viewing of The White Rapper Show, because on Monday I will be attending the “It’s a Wrap, Rap party!” in Brooklyn. Jon Brown and Ghetto Revival will be performing. Hallelujah hollaback!!! What… is… pimpalating? Kingofdaburbs! If you’ve ever wanted to go to a rap show, but are put off by the potential for violence, then this is the show for you. Before Vegas, the prediction was that it would be the best thing or worst thing ever with no middle ground. This show is going to be the funniest thing ever, and I don’t see any way it won’t be. One of my friends that’s coming with me is going to try and become a Misfit groupie. If you watch the show you know what I’m talking about. The British lass.

O.K. the player of the D.A.Y. could have gone to Dirk or Gilbert, two of your MVP frontrunners for having big nights last night. But I’m going to give it to Ben Wallace, who scored 14 points. 14 for Ben is like 55 for Gilbert. He also had 19 boards and 7 blocks. This is exactly what Paxson bought him for. As opposed to the Jim Paxson, Danny Ferry, and Dan Gilbert collective whose impact signing is still Larry Hughes, and um… ok Larry time to earn that salary. It was Big Ben’s night though, the player of the D.A.Y. as we head to the weekend.