Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Great game Memo Okur, but like I said before, playing Charlotte hurts your chances at Player of the D.A.Y. When someone else has a big night against a certified NBA team, he gets the call.

This comes down to LeBron James and Jason Richardson. LeBron dominated the Cleveland-Houston game with a rusty Yao on the floor and T-Mac throwing up bricks for most of the game. Jason led the Warriors to a surprise win in Detroit.

I’m going with LeBron for Player of the D.A.Y. The Pistons are a cocky bunch, known for overlooking perceived pushovers. This is the second time this season an opponent on a bad team, who once played for Michigan State, has come into the Palace and left with a victory. The other being Portland and Z-Bo’s win. LeBron continues to put up big scoring nights, and this was more of a return to last year’s LeBron with the well rounded 32, 12, and 8. It would have been 13 boards if Sideshow Varaejo stayed out of the way. I loved that Bron taught him through posterization. Dunking on a teammate during a game. I love it! The man likes his rebounds.