Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

T.J. Ford had a monster game for the Raptors, while Yao was overpowering against Orlando. Hmmm… tough call, and normally I would overlook what T.J. did because it was against the Sonics. However, when Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are hitting their shots, the Sonics are an actual NBA team. That was the case against Toronto in a game that went to overtime.

Yao was so dominant, the game never came close to OT. This is a toss up. Yao’s 37 and 7 that led to an easy win? Or T.J.’s 25 and 13 in a tight game.


I’ll go with T.J. Ford for Player of the D.A.Y., since he shot 11 of 15 with Earl Watson unable to slow him down.

In other news, you may remember the recent Taco Bell horror story about the rats. I guess I’m choosing to use this space to keep tabs on the misbehavings of the fast food world. I have always been a big Quizno’s fan, even before Andrew Bynum started going there. Whether it’s the Mesquite chicken, the carbonara, even their stupidly big roast beef monstrosity, I always promote Quizno’s.

Until now. This is ugly. There is a link to someone’s suicide note on that page. Et tu Quizno’s? Why does everything have to be such an evil corporation?