Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

I guess I’ll stick to the NBA for the Player of the D.A.Y. awards, even though it is college time. So many amazing streaks this year. The Suns, Mavs, and Spurs long winning streaks. Lesser ones by Detroit, Miami, and Cleveland. A losing streak for the ages by Boston and now Indiana is trying to come up with one of their own, and not to mention the Lakers injury festival of a collapse.

The Bucks have had a pretty bad season. They were okay until Michael Redd got hurt, which added to the Villanueva and Bobby Simmons injuries, and their season went into the tank pretty quickly. Andrew Bogut may have flipped the crowd the bird, which puts him in the elite company of Michael Vick, Jake Plummer, and Zach Randolph to name a few. On this night however, Larry Krystkowiak, whose name I have learned how to spell in record time, made his debut and took down Pop, Duncan, and the Spurs. Very unexpected. Michael Redd scored 29, but I am giving Larry the unprecedented honor of coaching his way to this trophy. I remember Larry as Shaq’s backup in one of the NBA Live games, and he might have played in the actual NBA as well. Player of the D.A.Y. is Larry K.

Also want to give a mention to the recent story that has captured my attention. Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his confession.

 “I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head.”

We believe you. Yikes! The New York Post has an amazing headline as always. I have printed out the 26 page PDF and I’m going to read it later. For those of you that watch The Wire, think about what Wee Bey did. (SPOILER ALERT AS ALWAYS) He was in jail, knew he’d never get out, so he volunteered to take the rap for pretty much every crime ever committed. Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who has been given the unfortunate internet nickname KSM like he’s a pop star, is using the Wee Bey playbook. Or, if you need more TV references, some real life Jack Bauer or Sayid has gotten to him with some real over the top hardcore torture. I have alerted the only current events analyst I trust about these theories.

Whoa, where am I going with this! Back to basketball watching! Lang and I went to Outback to watch some of the UNLV-GT game. There was a creepy guy with an eyepatch standing behind us talking about the recent rash of cops vs. civilians violence in NYC. Surreal.