Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

I’m waffling between Gilbert Arenas and Chris Bosh. On the one hand, Gilbert put on a show and hit the game winner with Earl Watson on him, then he put his jersey down on the floor in a moment of Gilbertology. On the other hand, Bosh responded to losing Bargnani for a long time by dominating a team with Dwight Howard on the floor. Believe it or not, the Magic could be a playoff team. The Sonics didn’t have Ray Allen out there. If the tie-breaker is strength of opponent, the Bosh would get the advantage.

Very tough, very tough…

Does Gilbert get extra credit for hitting a buzzer beater? Bosh controlled the game so no buzzer beater was required. I guess I can use this platform as a make-up to Bosh as well. The Raptors were just an average to bad team when he was out earlier in the season. Bargnani goes down, and Bosh (with some help from T.J. Ford) throws up a 34 and 16.

Gilbert will have to settle for honorable mention, in this closest possible neck and neck race.

LATE ADDITION: Oh my God this Gilbert blog post is amazing. The word count is 3,621.

I also want to point out a funny case of karma coming back to get me for NBA related popping off. Recently I have said some negative things about both Dirk and LeBron’s ability to close out the biggest games, both on the internet and to my friends just hanging out. Last night on the ESPN pre-game shootaround, Fred Hickman, who used to work for the YES Network, introduced a segment on the two of them using the baseball analogy of whether or not they are “closers.” Hickman asked “Can they close the big game like Mariano Rivera? Or are they just good in the regular season but can’t close the big one like Bill Wagner?” Curse you Fred Hickman! Curse you for being right!!!

Go Memphis! I am a big Memphis fan tonight. Lead them Cal. Miss the big shot Acie Earl.