Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

We are in the post-Kobe vacuum of oblivion. Slowwwwwww day. I’ve been thinking about putting up another post, but I really said all I needed to about last night in the D.A.Y., and even that had a big chunk of non-basketball topics. The McDonald’s High School All American game is in Louisville tonight, and Ben Osborne is there. Ben Collins is coming through with his Road to the Final 4 posts, Mutoni informed us about LeBron’s lavish new home, Lang is writing the Links, but for the most part, it’s the sound of crickets today. Nothing going on. is trying to hype up the Sonics-Timbewolves game because of the Minny (not mini) collapse and Sonic comeback. If you can get excited about a T-Wolves and Sonics game at this point in the year, more power to you, as they say.

The Player of the D.A.Y. is Rashard Lewis. He scored 21 of his 35 points in the fourth quarter. It’s possible that Rashard Lewis just cost Seattle its chance at getting Kevin Durant with the second pick, which is funny because if they had Durant, Ray Allen, and Lewis, one of them would be expendable. It is possible that Rashard saved his job with the Sonics last night, for better or worse.