Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Even though the Suns were having one of those nights where they assume they can outrun anyone, and don’t need to play D against an inferior team, the opponent has to make shots. Jason Richardson made shots. As a team, the Warriors took 31 threes, and hit 13 of them. J-Rich hit 5 in the first quarter, on his way to 8 for the game and a big 36 and 12 night.

The Suns seem to have come to grips with the reality that they will not catch Dallas for the #1 seed. Even though Phoenix isn’t as overpoweringly dominant as it was during one of many hot streaks this season, it’s still a big deal when they lose. The Warriors didn’t get a player of the D.A.Y. when they ended Dallas’s streak at 17, because it was such a team effort. The Jason Richardson first quarter outburst powered a 45 point first quarter, and while he had help, he was the main part of the win. His former Michigan State teammate Zach Randolph had a career night with 43 and 17, but that was in a loss. To Memphis.

J-Rich, player of the D.A.Y.