Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

The internet connection at work is extra slow today. I’m going to assume it has nothing to do with everyone here using their computers to watch baseball games online.

Yesterday I beat God of War II. Some quick thoughts: Yes, it is an incredible game. Complaints would be that the end comes too fast and the beginning takes too long. The final boss really wasn’t as tough as some of the supposedly easier bosses, and the cliffhanger at the end is going to haunt me until the final act of the trilogy is released. In hindsight, there are so many clues throughout the game that foreshadow how it will end, that I feel stupid having not predicted it ahead of time.

And that’s it for the negativity. God of War II is better than the first one. Impossible, but true. In the first GOW, you get stuck fighting off the same enemies over and over again, and then get to the occasional boss. In God of War II, the enemies are tougher with more variety, and the bosses keep popping up, each one of them an epic blood feud that end with amazing brutality. Fighting Perseus, for example, was a mentally exhausting and physically draining activity. I cursed out my TV after many a hard fought battle.

God of War II is the crowning achievement of the PS2. It is as violent as I expect Grindhouse to be. Lots of iconic figures from Greek mythology, incredible graphics and cinematography, and like I said, over the top violence with swords through the stomach, eyeballs ripped out, and much much worse (better).

Playstation 2 is over. Time to move on to something bigger and better in my life. More reading and writing, enjoying time with my friends and family, outdoor activities in the summer weather.

And this for Playstation III.

And now for your NBA Player of the D.A.Y.

The playoffs will be here soon enough, and there will be plenty of time to honor those players on good teams that have a big game, maybe hit a big time shot, and participate on the road to victory. Ricky Davis is not one of those players. If it wasn’t for a couple of good years with the Celtics, he would be the ultimate gets better the worse his team is kind of player. Against Orlando, Ricky scored 36 on 21 shots, including the last 13 points for his team. Though the T-Wolves are going absolutely nowhere, Ricky grabs a Player of the D.A.Y. because the pool for players is about to get real shallow when its down to just playoff teams.

Honorable mention to Jamaal Tinsley for leading the Pacers without Jermaine O’Neal past the Spurs. I should give Tinsley more credit, but that is such an improbable victory, the Spurs had to be just going through the motions, not even trying. Sorry, Jamaal. Ricky Davis is Player of the D.A.Y.