Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Commenter Ron mentioned in the latest D.A.Y. about his choice for Player of the D.A.Y. I hadn’t officially named this the “Player of the D.A.Y.” award, but that’s such an obvious choice I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. I was trying to come up with some catchy slogan name like “Moneyballer” or something that is actually clever. But calling it Player of the D.A.Y. works for me, since I’m basically just picking someone out from the D.A.Y. Now to fix up that logo.
And speaking of obvious, the winner is Allen Iverson. 31 points and 13 assists against the (Shaqless) Miami Heat. Korver hit some threes but A.I. played at an MVP level against the defending champs.