Player of the Night

By Sam Rubenstein

Ever since I started working here, I’ve been out of the data management business. I’ve had many jobs over the years involving lots of Excel spreadsheets. I don’t miss them, but I still take pride that I am like a brain surgeon with a good spreadsheet. So, I will be awarding a People’s Champ player of the night every time I write recaps of the previous night’s action. I’ll come up with a better title than Player of the Night. I could go with BALLLIIINNNNGGG as a title, but that’s going to get played out (for everyone else excpet me, my friend Rob, and some of his friends. I personally want BALLLLIIINNNGGG put on my gravestone) by January. This news will never get old though.

So, the first People’s Champ player of the night, who goes into the spreadsheet is Lamar Odom. An obvious choice. No Kobe, no chance against the Suns, and Lamar had one of the best games of his career. Congrats Lamar. You are a pioneer, the winner of the first whatever this is.