Post Up: Beasley, For The Win

by November 18, 2010

by Adam Figman | @afigman

Toronto 94, Philadelphia 86

Despite the eight-point final score spread, this one was really close up to the end. Until last night I never realized theĀ Raptors have been employing the just-give-it-to-Andrea-Bargnani-and-let-him-do-his-thing offense, and it actually kinda succeeded against theĀ Sixersā€”Bargs had 30 to go with 7 boards.Ā Sonny Weems had a big night, too, with 25. The Raps now move to 3-9, while Philly falls to 2-10. So yeah, both of these squads still have some work to do.

L.A. Lakers 103, Detroit 90

And things just keep getting worse inĀ Detroit.Ā Kobe Bryant dropped 33 in 32 minutes, whileĀ Pau Gasol had another solid game with 25 and 12. Apparently the Pistons are 4-8, though I write this column five days a week and don’t remember them winning once. Weird.Ā Rip Hamilton was ejected five minutes into the first quarter for arguing with the refsā€”generally aĀ surefire sign of frustration. If I were a gambling man, I’d bet Detroit’s roster looks awfully different come, say, March.

Boston 114, Washington 83

NoĀ John Wall. Second night of a back-to-back. Playing an energizedĀ Celtics team. There wasn’t much in theĀ Wizards’ favor going into this one, and the outcome proved it; Boston was up 16 at the half and didn’t need to look back. The C’s brought a balance attackā€”all five starters, plusĀ Delonte West (with 12 in his debut) finished in double figuresā€”and were led byĀ Paul Pierce’s 23. Last note: the Wiz shot 38.8 from the field, while Boston shot 65.8 percent. So, yeah.

New Orleans 99, Dallas 97

New rule of thumb: If any two of the following Western Conference teams are going up against each other, you’re gonna wanna watch:Ā Lakers,Ā Thunder,Ā Hornets,Ā Mavericks,Ā Blazers, Spurs,Ā Jazz,Ā Nuggets, Suns. And you know what’s crazy? There are nine teams on that list, meaning one of them won’t even make the Playoffs. Wild.

Anyway, these two battled it out last night, and the Hornets were able to pull away behind some big buckets and a pair of clutchĀ David West steals. Chris Paul had 20 points and 11 dimes, and all five NO starters scored in double figures. They’re now 9-1, and play theĀ Cavs tomorrow night at home.

Oklahoma City 116, Houston 99

The Rockets just can’t seem to be, um, you know, good. They ‘re now 3-8, falling to aĀ Thunder team that shot 50 percent from the field behindĀ Kevin Durant andĀ Russell Westbrook’s combined 45 points.Ā Serge Ibakaā€”the squad’s new third best player, at least untilĀ Jeff Green gets healthy (and beyond then?)ā€”had 11 points, 8 boards and 4 blocks.

Miami 123, Phoenix 96

Oh hey,Ā Chris Bosh. He had 35 points in 31 minutes, albeit against the Sunsā€”already a weak team up frontā€”playing without starting centerĀ Robin Lopez. But still! Good stuff!Ā LeBron put up a 20-8-9 stat line, whileĀ DWade scored just 17. I’m curious to see what a game would look like with all three of these guys playing strongā€”I’m thinking 22-10-10 from Bron, 30-5-5 from Wade, and 25-12 from Bosh. That’s when they’ll actually be unbeatable, no? This might’ve been the closest to that we’ve seen, and Phoenix didn’t have much of a chance yesterday. Their Florida trip continues inĀ Orlando tonight.

Utah 98, New Jersey 88

Neither team shot well, andĀ Anthony Morrow led both teams with 24 points, but theĀ Jazz led for most of the game and pulled it out. All five Utah starters finished in double figures, andĀ Paul Millsap went for 19 and 15. The Nets fell to 4-7, though they’re still sitting in second in the Atlantic division. No bad team should have all that power. I’m just saying.

San Antonio 103, Chicago 94

Derrick Rose did a great job scoring (33 points), but not such a great job spreading the ball (4 dimes), as theĀ Bulls were downed by theĀ Spurs. San Antonio outscored Chi-Town 37-12 in the third quarterā€”and that pretty much did it.Ā Tony Parker andĀ Manu Ginobili combined for 21 points, andĀ Tim Duncan scored 16 and snatched 18 rebounds in the victory. Coach Pop’s guys are now 9-1, tied with the Hornets atop the Southwest.

Minnesota 113, L.A. Clippers 111

TheĀ Michael BeasleyKevin Love frontcourt just keeps dazzling. B-Easy scored 33 and hit a game winner with two seconds remaining, while Love went for 24 and 14, and theĀ TWolves this took this one at home.Ā Blake Griffin did some damageā€”with 26 and 17ā€”andĀ Ā Eric Gordon dropped 30, butĀ Rasual Butler’s game-winning attempt was all rim and theĀ Clips went down.

New York 113, Sacramento 106

TheĀ Knicks finally snapped that six-game losing streak by defeating theĀ Kings behind 27-point outings from bothĀ Amar’e Stoudemire andĀ Danilo Gallinari. They shot 52.1 percent from the field, and held off Sacramento in the game’s final minutes to earn the victory. I wasn’t too impressed with New York’s win (the Kings were both playing terrible defense and unable to convert on some easy offensive possessions), but the fact that they came out strong in the second half of a back-to-back was impressive, and speaks well of the team’s youthful energy. Speaking of youthful energy, I’m shot. Let’s wrap this thing up.

Performance of the Night: Chris Bosh: 35 points, 6 boards, 4 assists, 1 steal.
Moment of the Night: There were two. First, on the court: Mike Beasley smoothly sinks the game-winner:

Then, off the court: Chris Bosh wants to chill. But his coach wants him to do stuff, like work out, and/or play basketball. Some jokes just write themselves.