Post Up: Believe in Me Now

Chicago 93, Atlanta 73

The Bulls have taken a lot of flack this postseason for not being the dominant team that their regular season record and postseason accolades have suggested that they should be. But last night they showed the world just how dangerous of a squad they can be when everything is clicking. In closeout games in the Playoffs, the Bulls have been dominant, and Chicago destroyed the Hawks from the very outset leaving little chance or hope that Atlanta’s season could be extended by one more game.

The Bulls finally got solid production from Carlos Boozer who finally showed that he is a legitimate second option to Derrick Rose. He started out the game on fire and helped Chicago put some distance between themselves and Atlanta that they Hawks were never able to overcome.

Derrick Rose basically had the night off as his supporting cast took the load off his shoulders for really only the second game in the entire Playoffs, but it was good for him to be able to rest offensively because a much bigger challenge awaits. The Miami Heat.

This is the series that everyone has been waiting for and been talking about for at least a week now. Neither Heat supporters, fans or “Stans” are giving Chicago any chance of beating the team from South Beach, but the Bulls are ready and there definitely won’t be any backing down. The series should be epic, one that basketball fans everywhere, regardless of allegiance, should really enjoy. See you Sunday! — Bryan Crawford / @_BryanCrawford