Post Up: Dirk With the Dagger

by November 17, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie/@stackmack

How many of you turned on the Bucks/Mavs game thinking it would be a bust?

I was hoping for a good one and I certainly got it. After seven seconds of anger over the Mavs knocking down Milwaukee, I was able to appreciate the ridiculousness of Dirk’s shot. How can a man who is that tall be that smooth? And how can a man that smooth be so horrifically awkward at doing everything else but dominating in basketball? While the shot was great –and I think we all kind of knew it was going in as soon as he got the ball– his celebration afterward was even better.

The whole game was awesome. Jennings finishing with 25/7/8, but having it in his head that he was shooting three-pointers down the stretch was a page straight out of a former ROY’s personal playbook, but eight games in, I’m still beyond impressed with his game. I also loved seeing Coach Skiles go over to console Jennings after a missed three late. It was an impressive game from Milwaukee who fell behind by as many as 18 in the third, then cut their deficit to three at the end of three thanks to a long ball from Jennings. The fourth and overtime periods were fun, with each team going back and forth and then Dirk saving the Mavericks as his shot bounced, up, up, up and then finally through the net.

Shoutout to J. Kidd for the wild line he threw up, finishing with nine points, 10 rebounds and 17 assists. The Mavs lost Shawn Marion to a sprained ankle in the second quarter. My favorite quote from the game was Jennings as he explained his missed shot in regulation that would have won it for the Bucks:

“I wanted the ball at the last second. I didn’t know Ersan’s man had doubled me. When I looked back at the tape I saw he was wide open for the jump shot. It’s something I’m going to learn from. It’s a long season.”

He will learn. As he learns, so will Ersan Ilyasova who was fantastic, finishing with 19 points and 12 rebounds, hitting 4-for-7 from beyond the arc. He’s snuck up on me, but I like him.

Rashard Lewis was back for the Magic last night. Stephen Jackson was in uniform for the Bobcats as well. I tuned in just in time to catch his first three points as a Bobcat, then flipped over to NBATV to watch the Bucks/Mavericks. The Magic won that game, but I’ve got to say: I drafted Dwight Howard in my fantasy league and he’s not overwhelming me like he did last season. Due to a problem with my stupid firefox I also ended up picking Chris Bosh with my second pick when I was unable to “un-autodraft” and right now, Bosh is the fantasy stud. Funny how that works out sometimes.

Atlanta shawty, indeed. After finding themselves at the top of the power rankings this week, it appeared as though the Hawks didn’t know how to handle being number one, stumbling their way through their match up with the Trailblazers. The game went into overtime as Rudy Fernandez hit a three for the Blazers who outscored Atlanta 27-18 in the fourth. Atlanta woke up in the extra session and came back to take control of the game behind Joe Johnson’s 32 points, eight coming after regulation. Josh Smith pulled down 16 boards as the Hawks outrebounded Portland, 47-37, including a 15-8 advantage on the offensive glass.

As you know, Allen Iverson and the Grizzlies have mutually agreed to end their one-year contract. That’s all I can give you on that right now because I’m still feeling far too jumbled and I’m not quite prepared to work my way through my thoughts on that just yet. I will say, I do not believe Iverson is done.

Hearing Monta Ellis say he doesn’t know who will play defense in Golden State now that SJax is gone… That was funny. If you PLAY in the NBA but somehow have neglected to realize that Raja Bell has built a 10-year career on his reputation as a defender, I don’t even know what to tell you. Where have you been?! Have you read a scouting report? Do you watch your opponents play? I’m sure Monta wasn’t in a great mood after losing Jackson, but damn.

I’m really looking forward to the Denver/Toronto game this evening. Ty Lawson has been added to my must-see rookie list. Rookie point guards. They’re great, aren’t they.

ps… Rodrigue Beaubois….Rodrigue Beaubois…Rodrigue Beaubois….Rodrigue Beaubois.