Post Up: Giant Success

by February 06, 2012

by Abe Schwadron | @abe_squad

I, like most of you, was having myself a Super Sunday. Meanwhile, for some reason the NBA decided to schedule a pair of matinee games. And while I’m sure they were fantastic, I was already on my way to a food coma and picking out the perfect adult beverages for the SBXLVI by the time they ended. The best part about the last football game of the season? Full attention to hoops. Well, starting tomorrow anyway. And I’m only saying this once: Congrats to the New York Giants and their fans.

Celtics 98, Grizzlies 80

Heat 95, Raptors 89

Moment of the Night: Eli Manning to Super Mario, sparking the G-Men on the game-winning drive. Manning took home the MVP, forcing us to answer tough questions like, “Who’s the best Manning?”

Tonight: Back to basketball! 10 games on Monday, and outside of the Knicks-Jazz/Thunder-Blazers doubleheader on NBATV, the best matchups include Spurs-Grizz, Rockets-Nuggs, Clippers-Magic and Lakers-Sixers. Full recaps and analysis tomorrow, I promise.