Post Up: In Control

by March 22, 2011
Kevin Garnett

by Adam Figman | @afigman

Yo guys. Due to some extenuating circumstances, we gotta make do with a short-ass Post Up today. Apologies in advance.

Indiana 102, New Jersey 98

Down four at half, the Pacers turned it up in the final two quarters, jumping ahead and holding on for the win. Roy Hibbert dropped a game-high 24, while Danny Granger added another 20.

Orlando 97, Cleveland 86

The Magic are much better than the Cavs, which is probably the reason the Magic dominated the Cavs when the two faced off last night. Dwight Howard scored 28 points and inhaled 18 rebounds, leading all in those two categories.

Boston 96, New York 86

The Knicks had a good grasp of the contest for the first 42 or so minutes, at which point the Celts clawed back and just dominated the stretch, eventually winning by a solid margin behind some clutch play. Kevin Garnett led errbody with 24, and even dunked like he was 25 all over again.

Chicago 132, Sacramento 92

Well, at least Marcus Thornton is providing Kings fans with some hope for the future. The second-year guard dropped 25, but the Bulls still ran right through Sacramento, as all five of their starters scored in double figures and the team put up a whopping 132 points and shot a wild 61.2 percent from the floor.

Memphis 103, Utah 85

The Grizzlies held firm on their eighth spot in the West, defeating the Jazz at home. Zach Randolph scored 19, grabbed 13 and dished out 5 in the victory.

San Antonio 111, Golden State 96

The Spurs defended their spot as the top team in the West, knocking down the Warriors with ease. The bad news: Tim Duncan went down, and it looks like he’ll be out for a while. Hurry back soon, Timmy.

Denver 123, Toronto 90

While the Knicks struggle, the Nuggets keep showing that they’re just fine without that Melo dude. They strolled past the Raptors, led by 23 points from Ty Lawson. But this one was out of hand early, as no Denver starter needed to play more than 31 minutes.