Post Up: LBJ Wins in G-State

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

Oh, I thought it was going to be a night of comebacks in the L after the Raptors allowed the Indiana Pacers to come back from 23 down and get the 105-101 victory.

I thought the Bucks were going to pull off the comeback win against the Suns. They fell just short, but showed a lot of fight and heart on the second night of a back-to-back after finding out they had lost Michael Redd for the remainder of the season after he re-tore his acl and mcl in his left knee.

Before we go any further, sending all of my positive thoughts to M. Redd right now. After working hard to get back and having his ups and downs as he worked to get used to being back, Redd re-injured his left knee last night and will have to go through the whole process again. Here’s hoping his strength and faith remain strong as he continues on the comeback trail once again.

Thoughts are also with Bucks coach Scott Skiles who was taken to the hospital before the game in Phoenix tonight with a heart issue. Hoping he’s healthy and good to go as soon as possible.

In the Suns victory, Steve Nash had 30 points, seven rebounds and 11 assists. He also had seven turnovers, but shot 12-for-18 from the floor as the Suns hung on after allowing the Bucks to come back from 24 points down to briefly take the lead down the stretch. Grant Hill reached 15,000 career points and honestly, it’s just amazing to me that he was able to come back and play long enough to get there. He’s playing, playing well and it still feels so satisfying to see him doing what so many didn’t believe he’d be able to.

As for the Raptors/Pacers, the Raps lose on the night when O’Brien doesn’t play Dahntay Jones as he picks up the DNP-CD for the first time this season and also on the night when Andrea Bargnani grabs a career-high 17 rebounds.

Even in the loss, it was lovely to see Andrea crashing the boards. He wasn’t the only one with a huge game, as Troy Murphy scored 20 points to go with his 16 boards.

Not lovely: Second straight game of Hedo Turkoglu shooting 2-for-9 from the floor.

There was a wild game in Boston as the Hawks came to town and left with a victory. Atlanta finds a way to bring their “A” game against the C’s in Boston, don’t they? The Celtics were without both Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace (and Marquis Daniels, of course, who I’ve enjoyed in Boston and am looking forward to watching again when he gets healthy) and they were unable to stop Joe Johnson. Giving up 36 points and five 3-points to “Joe the basketball player” as our girl C Co would say, the Celtics also fell apart as they fought with the refs. Doc Rivers was kicked out and the Hawks went on to their third victory against the Celtics this season.

As Co Co said, regardless of what happens at the end of the month, “we’ve” won the season series. Rejoice, Hawks fans. Now, teach your team to defeat the Magic.

18 points, five rebounds, eight assists and four steals for Andre Iguodala in a Philly victory over the Hornets. Man, New Orleans just can’t seem to get comfortable on the road can they? They’re like a different team when they are not at home.

Did you all catch the Twitter beef between Jordan Farmar and Brandon Jennings? SMH.

That is appropriate in describing that, right? I did like Farmar’s “Look at the ring. Done proved myself,” line. That one cracked me up, because you can’t really argue with it.

Detroit. Detroit. Detroit. Stand up? 13 L’s in a row. I’m sorry. Tad, I’m sorry. Ben Gordon, you should still be on the Bulls squad, instead of losing to them. I don’t know what to think about the Pistons. Paying all of that money to Charlie V. and BG to come off of the bench never made sense to me in the first place and now it just looks bad.

What are you guys thinking about the team?

There was a close game in Golden State between the Warriors and the Cavs as Cleveland prevailed despite the bes efforts of Monta Ellis, keeping it close down the stretch after a c-o-l-d stretch where he missed 10 straight shots. While Ellis finished with 30 points, five assists, steals and turnovers, Corey Maggette scored 32, but neither could match LeBron James who had 37 points, eight rebounds, 11 assists, two steals and four blocks, one of which was a from behind swat on an Ellis steal and it was awesome.

21 points, seven rebounds and five assists for Steph Curry on 8-for-15 field goal attempts. He had the prettiest move against Anthony Parker, all but tripping him up and then getting to the hoop for the finish with ease.

Also: Leon Powe. Cannot wait for that man to be out of his lovely suits and back in a uniform.

16 points, 6-for-10 fgs, 2-for-3 3-point fgs, 2-for-2 fts = Jonathan Bender’s line last night in the Knicks loss to the OKC boys. Yes, it was a loss. Yes, it was a success for Bender who continues to show he’s making the comeback a reality.

30 points for KD on 8-for-14 fgs, getting to the line 16 times, connecting on 13. I love those lines.

Maggette’s 32 came on 7-for-14 from the floor and 17-18 from the line. Crazzzy.

2-for-13 fgs….. Hi, J. Flynn. I’m still sticking with you through another rough night. 24 points for his teammate Corey Brewer though. Anyone else cringe whenever he goes to the hoop because they fear he is going to snap in two if he’s fouled?

Melo had 24 points in his return after resting that sore knee as the Nuggets held off the TWolves, 105-94.

Lakers/Spurs tonight is the game I’m looking forward to watching. Even when they are struggling, love watching SA at home. Here’s hoping for lots of DeJuan Blair time.