Post Up: 2nd Season Starts

by April 16, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

Here we are, regular season done and done.

Too many games on last night, I was trying my best to keep up, but I got sucked into the Spurs/Hornets game. I was rooting Hornets, because in the playoffs, we need as much of Chris Paul as we can. Last night of course, the Spurs prevailed. Down three and with the ball for the final possession, they inbound to Roger Mason, TD sets a screen for Finley at the top of the three-point line and Mason flips the ball to an open Finely who drains the three at the buzzer. In the extra session, it was all Spurs and a sad Chris Paul.

The Spurs are freaking dangerous. If they can get to the final possession of a game, they scare me more than anyone not named Kobe, I think.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, someone let Chris Bosh know that he needed 18 rebounds in the game to average an even 10 per game on the year. Of course, he went out and had 13 rebounds by halftime and finished with 21 points and 19 rebounds to get the average and the victory over the Bulls who have dropped to seventh, because the Sixers managed to pull out the 111-110 victory over a Cavs team that played their bench guys.

With the Sixers victory, they move up to sixth and face Orlando rather than Boston and they also spoil the Cavs chance at tying the league best 40-1 homecourt record.

Jose Calderon finished the season with the highest free throw percentage in league history, missing only three free throws total on the year. 98.1 percent for the season. If only everything else hadn’t gone to hell for the Raps.

While the Blazers were facing the Rockets no matter what happened, the Nuggets learned they would be playing the Hornets just as their game against the Blazers tipped off and they then went out and lost by 30.

With the victory, Portland earned homecourt throughout the playoffs.

Imagine if Houston were to finally get out of the first round without Tracy. I think Portland takes it though.

Anyone else get the feeling that Michael Beasley may have a fantastic series this offsesaon?

How can one of  Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade or Kobe NOT make 1st-team all NBA.

Okay, in lieu recaps, here are the first round matchups:

Eastern Conference

1- Cleveland vs. 8- Detroit

2- Boston vs. 7- Chicago

3- Orlando vs. 6- Philadelphia

4- Atlanta vs. 5- Miami

Western Conference

1- LA Lakers vs. 8- Utah

2- Denver vs. 7- New Orleans

3- San Antonio vs. 6- Dallas

4- Portland vs. 5- Houston

REST UP FOR THE WEEKEND. It’s playoff time, fools!

Get excited… I know I am.