2009 Pre-Draft Measurements Released

Measurements can only tell us so much. It’s what players do on the court that matters most. But it’s still fun to break down and compare the results! Below are the players who stood out at first glance, to me at least:

Blake Griffin | 6-10 | 6-11 wingspan | 248 pounds | 8-9 reach
Nothing wrong with these measurements. Most power forwards are Griffin’s height and weight or less. His wingspan is a bit short—6-11 is about the same length as wing men Josh Smith, LeBron James and Michael Beasley. Then again, Kevin Love has the same wingspan and reach, and he’s doing just fine in the L. Griffin’s athleticism and willingness to bang with the trees makes all the difference.

DeJuan Blair | 6-6 1/2 | 7-2 wingspan | 277 pounds | 8-10 1/2 reach
There are 15 players in the Draft who have a 7-0+ wingspan, and 13 of them are 6-7 1/2 or taller. He’s incredibly short, but Blair’s 7-2 wingspan saves him. He’s more than three inches closer to the ground than Griffin, yet his wingspan is three inches greater. Will Blair’s height be a problem in the NBA? These measurements shouldn’t stifle Blair’s stock, considering he’s dropped 15 pounds and is arguably the best offensive rebounder.

James Harden | 6-5 | 6-11 wingspan | 222 pounds | 8-7 1/2 reach
These measurements put to rest any notion that Harden is undersized for a 2 guard. Paul Pierce comparisons might be legit: He’ll use his long arms and stocky frame to finish in the paint without incredible athleticism. It will be very hard for teams to pass on this guy.

Earl Clark | 6-10 | 7-2 1/2 wingspan | 228 pounds | 9-1 1/2 reach
Excellent measurements. Clark’s reach is nearly five inches longer than Griffin’s, and dude has the skill set to be a SF in the NBA. Clark definitely benefited today. Despite the fact that he didn’t improve much over his sophomore and junior years at Louisville, only a major catastrophe could remove him from being a Lottery lock.

Tyreke Evans | 6-5 | 6-11 wingspan | 221 pounds | 8-8 reach
Almost identical measurements to James Harden, although the difference in their games is gigantic. He’ll be able to guard most PGs and SGs in the League and play both positions as well. His long-range game leaves much to be desired, but Evans’ versatility cements him in the mid-Lottery range.

Hasheem Thabeet | 7-2 1/2 | 7-6 wingspan | 267 pounds | 9-5 reach
As the Draft’s tallest player and owner of the longest wingspan and reach, Thabeet took another step toward becoming the Grizzlies’ prize. The Commish could be right on his Mock Draft pick. Thabeet’s length and improving skill are rare—only Brendan Haywood measures a taller reach and longer wingspan. Thabeet is big, but players his size have come around before. At least Thabeet doesn’t have Yao-like, T-Rex limbs.

Jonny Flynn | 6-1 | 6-4 wingspan | 196 pounds | 7-11 1/2 reach
Not quite as small as some suspected. Flynn measured to be essentially the same size as Ty Lawson, just with over three inches in wingspan. Flynn’s more athletic and doesn’t have injury concerns. He’s a high-character guy who’s on the cusp of being a Lottery pick.

Austin Daye | 6-11 | 7-3 wingspan | 192 pounds | 9-2 reach
He has the second-longest wingspan in the camp, but Daye weighs less than Flynn and Lawson. Daye’s measurements are unreal—this is one skinny young man! Given his nice stroke and length, he’s certainly one of the most intriguing first round prospects.

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