Q+A: Allen Iverson Talks Hip-Hop

Last night in New York City, Reebok celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Question. SLAM was on-hand for the party, where Reebok also unveiled a new book by famed photographer, Gary Land. Land took nearly 20 years worth of photographs and stuffed ’em into a gorgeous book.

Allen Iverson showed up and kicked it with Fabolous and Swizz Beatz, and took to the stage to give a captivatingly original speech, both heartfelt and hilarious. He also took a few questions from a group of reporters.

During your speech you thanked Biggie and Redman. Why did you want to thank those guys?

Allen Iverson: It was just important. It was important to me to acknowledge the people that inspired me. The people that I love. Those guys that I talked about, their every day life inspired me as well, not just their music. Just their hustle and what they had to go through to become who they are. It was important to me.

You talked about being a sneaker head. You remember back-to-school shopping. Do you have any memories of that?

AI: I always wanted a pair of Jordans. Or Air Force 1s.

When did you own your first pair of Reeboks?

AI: The Shaq joints or the 54-11s. It had to be one of those.

You gave Jadakiss your top-5 rappers. What about your top-5 hip-hop albums and why.

AI: You knew you were giving me the hardest goddamn question ever. And I should have all day to have to think about it. Obviously it’s Big, Pac, Jadakiss, Redman, to me. Jay-Z. I love Nas, too. Man. I don’t know.

Out of all those, who were your top-3 of all-time?

AI: Big, Pac and Redman.