Quick NBA blog hits

By Sam Rubenstein

New feature at Perk is a Beast called It Could Be Worse. Ben Wallace, you and your headbands are up. Granted this is a pretty silly issue, but I watched Ben play without his headband and he looks completely different.

Pau Gasol to the Celtics? And some strong words for someone else’s power rankings. I heart it.

The Nugg Doctor is cocky. Because the Nuggets are playing the Grizzlies, who are 0-7 versus the West.

Utahjazzblog wonders if it’s panic time already. That’s some early panic time.

Sactown Royalty is in love with Kevin Martin. As they should be.

And Truehoop as this link to the frightening news of the day. Rick Carlisle’s first date with his wife was at a Grateful Dead show. Talk about surprising and having unexpected images put in your head.