Rabble.TV Spotlight: Matthew Buggs

As we introduced a few weeks back, the folks at Rabble.TV have provided a platform for anyone to call live professional sports games. Users can be commentators for the NBA, NCAA, NFL, MLB—basically any sport you’d like. Matthew Buggs uses Rabble to call NBA games.

Buggs is a 23-year-old from Lawrenceville, GA. He joined Rabble in late September and all five of his broadcasts have been done solo. His first broadcast was the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers preseason game on October 2. Buggs wants to be on the air as a professional commentator, so the Rabble setup has been great for him.

“At 23 years old, I never imagined an opportunity that could be just what aspiring sportscasters like myself need to get our foot in the door,” Buggs says.

Buggs works in the Army Reserve and he also calls Grayson High School basketball games in Georgia. With his busy schedule, Rabble’s accessibility has really helped him.

“Rabble.TV has opened the door for me to record from home, while getting the polish and experience needed to hopefully be calling basketball games professionally one day,” Buggs says. “Rabble is the best thing I have so far for calling live games, for practicing and demos, because I have to wait until high school basketball begins again to kick back up. Not to mention, it’s live via internet, so if someone can’t see the game, they can hear me.”

The Hawks and Jazz are Buggs’ favorite teams. He’s called a few Hawks game and a Jazz game so far this preseason. “The Jazz probably won’t make the Playoffs despite the impressive defensive numbers thanks to Rudy Gobert last year, but give them another season, one more star piece, and a healthy Dante Exum, and that ball club will wreak havoc,” Buggs says.

How did a native Georgian become a fan of the Jazz? He fell in love with the organization during the Deron Williams/Carlos Boozer era. “I like the logo, but more importantly the history,” Buggs says. “One of my favorite all-time players, the great ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich, not only played for both of my favorite teams [before Utah, the Jazz were in New Orleans], but wore me and my dads favorite number of 44’ “

Rabble gives Buggs the real-life experience of being on the air and throws in the real-time feedback from his listenership, which Buggs says is his favorite aspect of Rabble.

“The best part about it all, though, is having a question and answer segment during and even after the game, where I get to read comments from the listeners and respond to what they have to say,” Buggs says. “The followers and listeners are all the best fans you could ask for, even when you make mistakes and corrections, they still tune in, and recognize you even from far away.”

While Buggs fulfills his duty in the Army Reserve, he will miss the start of the regular season, but he plans on calling as many games as he can when he gets back. Especially Hawks games. He thinks his home-state squad will have a great season, and finish third in the conference. “The system they run, and the way they run it has proven a lot,” Buggs says about the Hawks.

Keep up with Buggs on his Rabble and Twitter pages.