Rajon Rondo Has No Interest in Ever Playing in the Olympics

by April 11, 2012

Two summers ago, Rajon Rondo famously withdrew from USA Basketball. Now, the Boston Celtics’ star point guard says he’d never want to re-join the Olympic hoops program. Per Fox Sports: “Rondo, who is one of the NBA’s top point guards and is averaging a league-best 11.3 assists, wasn’t one of the 20 players selected in January as finalists for Team USA’s 2012 roster in London. And even if another player were to possibly be added, Rondo, 26, said there would be no need to call him. ‘I’m not focusing at all on the Olympics. At all. At all,’ Rondo said. Rondo, who still would be young enough to play in the Games in 2016 or 2020, then was asked if he ever would have an interest in playing in the Olympics. ‘No, I don’t,’ he said. ‘I just don’t… Wondering why? I love my summers. I’ll leave it at that.’ Rondo didn’t help his standing with USA Basketball when he went overseas as a finalist with the World Championship team in 2010 before soon returning to the U.S. Rondo believes he would have made the team that eventually won gold had he decided not to bolt when the Americans were in Greece before going to the event in Turkey. ‘I decided to leave,’ said Rondo, whose departure was described by USA Basketball as one for family reasons. ‘I was homesick.’ Rondo said he never spoke to USA Basketball officials about possibly being a finalist for the 2012 Olympics. […] ‘I don’t even know who’s on the list,’ Rondo said.”