Rajon Rondo Says ‘Playoff Rondo’ Is a Myth

by April 27, 2018
rajon rondo playoff rondo

Rajon Rondo rejected the notion that he steps up his game in the postseason—transforming into “Playoff Rondo.”

In a story by the NYT‘s Marc Stein, Rondo told reporters that he’s capable of playing at a high level “when the coaches allow me to be me on the court.”

“There’s no such thing as ‘Playoff Rondo,’” Rondo insisted at the Pelicans’ practice facility this week during his first extended interview of the postseason.[…]

“I’ve done what I’ve done in the past,” Rondo said. “I let my game speak for itself. I feel like, when I get a certain amount of minutes and when the coaches allow me to be me on the court, I’m Rondo. There’s no ‘Playoff Rondo.’”

He added: “Ask any player. You’re only as good as your coach allows you to be.” […]

“I haven’t had the best public perception my entire career,” Rondo said. “But at the end of the day you can’t deny that I’m a winner. If you look at my history, I don’t think you can be a four-time All-Star just from the playoffs. I must have done something in the regular season.

“‘Playoff Rondo’, I think, is a myth. But I do love the big moments.”

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