Rasheed’s New Coach Tells Him to Get in Shape

by September 19, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

From everything we’ve been told, Michael Curry, the Detroit Pistons rookie coach, commands respect in the locker room.

The players recognize that he knows what it’s like to be between the lines for 48 minutes, which might help explain why he can get away with subtly telling his rather emotional power forward that he hasn’t been in the greatest shape of late.

From the Detroit Free Press:

“I want him (Wallace) to be able to maintain his conditioning throughout the season. You can get in basketball shape, but you can play the whole season but not be in great conditioning as well.”

Curry said he expects to go to Wallace in the low post more and said that to withstand all the bumping and grinding, Wallace needs to be in great shape.

I hope you’re taking notes, Lil’ Flip Saunders.

Of course, Rasheed’s sure-to-be-classic reaction to this is what will likely grab headlines, but at least his coach had the gumption to deliver the message.