Ref Fight!

by July 24, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-Did Tim Donaghy and Joey Crawford throw punches at one another? According to one of Marc Stein’s sources, that’s exactly what happened.

One colleague insists Donaghy was known at the league level as an undeniable “problem child” in spite of his relative anonymity because Donaghy also is said to have exchanged blows with fellow Philadelphia native Joey Crawford at a refs’ meeting years ago.

(Damn, now that I think about it, maybe we shouldn’t have joked about Joey and Tim Duncan throwing down. That crazy old man would’ve surely kicked Duncan’s butt.)

-According to one of his colleagues, Tim Donaghy was balllinggg.

One current NBA referee, who remained anonymous to honor the league’s gag order, claimed that Donaghy once bragged that his home “cost $1.1 million. I mean, how in the world can this guy live in a million-dollar house? His salary had to be in the $150,000 to $160,000 range by now, and the playoffs is good for bonus money. But that kind of house — that’s way out of our league.”

-The Suns will only let Boris Diaw play for his country if the French can provide them with some insurance.

-As it’s been mentioned in the comments section of this site, the Spurs have waived James “Flight” White. I just hope he’s given the opportunity to participate in a dunk contest before his knees give out.

-Despite Darrell Armstrong’s claims to the contrary, Larry Bird says that he wants Jermaine O’Neal in Indy.

“I’ve said it all along — I hope so. I look forward to having (O’Neal) back in the mix. When he gets double-teamed, we’re going to have players out there that can hit the shot now,” Bird said.

-And finally for today: Wait, you mean to tell me that everything on “Man vs. Wild” isn’t (gasp!) real??? Damn you, Bear!!!