Renaldo Balkman to Denver?

by Marcel Mutoni

You might not recall, but not too long ago, the drafting of Renaldo Balkman was considered a particularly low point in Isiah Thomas’s disastrous tenure in New York. I should know; I’m the guy who started an ill-fated blog about it.

The reality, of course, is that the pick ranks nowhere near the top of follies that took place while Thomas guided the ship towards the bottom of the ocean.

Balkman turned out to be a decent player (selfless, hard-working, played defense), and was one of the few guys on the roster who New York fans didn’t despise with every fiber of their being.

And now, the Knicks are reportedly shopping him. Newsday has the details:

The Knicks and Nuggets are discussing a trade that would send 2006 first-round pick Renaldo Balkman to Denver for point guard Taurean Green and small forward Bobby Jones, an NBA front-office source told Newsday last night.

The deal would mark the end of Balkman’s mostly confusing tenure with the Knicks, who selected him with the 20th pick two years ago when Isiah Thomas said Phoenix would’ve swiped him if he hadn’t. That scenario appears even more dubious now that the former coach of the Suns, Mike D’Antoni, is ready to ship Balkman out for little more than roster fodder

Balkman has career averages of 4 points and a little under 4 rebounds per night in a Knick uniform.

If New York can acquire Green and Jones from Denver, they’re expected to waive the two youngsters, and save themselves some money against the cap – which is never a bad idea in Gotham.

(Update: The trade is now officially official! My work here is done.)