REPORT: Brooklyn Looking For ‘One of the Biggest Trade Returns in League History

As the saga around Kevin Durant’s blockbuster trade request evolves, NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that the Brooklyn Nets are reportedly looking for “one of the biggest trade returns in League history.”

Woj said that Brooklyn has continued negotiating with teams around the League, explicitly looking for an “immense” return via multiple teams that’ll get the Nets some players they want in exchange for KD. The Nets reportedly want future first-round picks and high-level, All-Star quality players.

Furthermore, with team owners and general managers meeting in Vegas next week, Woj believes that Nets GM Sean Marks will have a better chance at negotiating the type of deal the front office is seeking.

There is also a chance KD stays in Brooklyn if a deal doesn’t materialize into August. Many around the League believe the Nets have leverage over the two-time Finals MVP, who is locked into a four-year contract that expires when he turns 38-years-old.

Multiple reports say that The 2014 MVP prefers being traded to the Suns or the Heat. The Warriors have also become a possibility after Marc J. Spears and Marcus Thompson II reported that the defending champs have mulled making a trade to bring back Durant into the fold for the first time since 2019.