Report: Charlotte Hornets Inquired About Bradley Beal

The Charlotte Hornets are reportedly sniffing around about Bradley Beal‘s availability, though it’s not clear what they offered—if anything—the Wizards.

It bears noting that Beal, 25, is fed up with the dysfunction in Washington.

The All-Star guard is putting up 21.5 points a night, and yelled during a recent practice that he’s “sick of this sh*t.”

Per the WaPo:

In particular, Beal, who according to multiple sources expressed at the practice that he’s “sick of this s—” and later gestured at team President Ernie Grunfeld that it “starts at the top,” was asked about the team’s culture.

“What do I make of it?” Beal said, repeating the question.

“I feel like our culture is what we created it to be,” Beal said, then referred to Grunfeld. “He basically tore the team apart and created a new team, starting with John as the foundation and we created it into what we are now. We’re a team that’s a playoff team. You know, but we’ve struggled. We’ve had our fair share of struggles. I wouldn’t say we’re a team that’s not in unison. I wouldn’t say that we’re a team that hates each other. I say it every game, we’re in the locker room, it’s positive energy. It’s not like I hate the next man and the next man hates that man. It’s none of that. It’s just figuring it out on the floor. We just can’t seem to put it together right now.”

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