Report: Chris Mullin and the Warriors Will Part Ways

by March 13, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s no secret that things haven’t exactly gone according to plan for Chris Mullin and the Warriors. The product on the floor is awful, and things are even worse in the front office. In other words, changes are a-coming.

And those changes include Mullin no longer working for the Warriors after this season, according to the local media.

From the Mercury News:

A few weeks ago, I was thinking there was something like a 5% chance of Mullin returning to the Warriors for 2009-2010 just ’cause nobody was truly absolutely ruling out, so you give them wiggle room. Not any more, though. Now… from the conversations I’ve had with league sources who know the situation, it’s clear that there is basically 0% chance of Mullin returning to the Warriors once his contract runs out in June.

In the past, I’ve heard assumptions that Rowell wanted Mullin out, but around the league, executives heard nothing definitive. No hard word from the Warriors that Mullin for sure was done. But now…Rowell and Co. aren’t trying to hide the decision. Mullin is out. Warriors management is not even considering bringing him back. Mullin gives no indication that there’s a clear path to bring him back, if that was a possibility.

Rowell and Chris Cohan are eyeing assistant GM Larry Riley or perhaps someone else, obviously with Don Nelson very much involved.

As the report points, with the power structure in Oakland being what it is, Mullin (who’s had very little say in the way the team has conducted its business of late) probably wouldn’t even want to return anyway.

Time to ride off into the sunset, Mully. You’ll always have the 2007 Playoffs.