Report: Draymond Green Files For ‘Hampton 5’ Trademark 💰

by May 17, 2018

The “Hampton 5” is one of the nicknames that has been thrown around when referencing the Golden State Warriors’ lineup of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green — the origin of the nickname referencing when Curry, Thompson, Iguodala and Green flew out to the Hamptons to recruit Durant to sign with the Warriors.

Per a TMZ report, Green, might be cashing in on the phrase after filing for the trademark to “Hampton 5” in 2017:

The application was to use the trademark for everything from sports drinks to gym bags, cell phone cases, headphones, comic books, athletic wear and educational tools.

Get this … he even wanted the rights to use the trademark for a celebrity gossip website.

The window for anyone to oppose the trademark has closed, meaning Green is reportedly just one document away from completing the process.