REPORT: Hawks and Trail Blazers Main Leaders to Trade for Jerami Grant

The Detroit Pistons face an exciting offseason after winning the No. 5 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft and could look to acquire more talent through trading Jerami Grant.

However, it’s still unknown what teams around the League are willing to give up to trade for Grant. Pistons GM Troy Weaver wasn’t entirely enthusiastic about offers he received in January or February. Grant has one more season left on his current deal, and Weaver has the option to extend that contract or, as aforementioned, build a trade package around Grant.

One team that’s been consistent with their desire to pick Grant up is the Trail Blazers. Portland fell to the No. 7 pick in the NBA 2022 Draft and reportedly doesn’t want to embark on a complete rebuild, opting to instead “retool” around Damian Lillard.

Another option for a trade partner is the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks could not follow up on their Eastern Conference Finals run, fizzling out in five games to the Miami Heat in the first-round. Atlanta was reportedly interested in Grant during the regular-season, and according to The Athletic, there still could be some intrigue around acquiring Grant this summer.

Per Hawks beat reporter Chris Kirschner, the Hawks front office would ideally like to add a two-way ball-handler, and Grant fulfills both those roles. Kirschner believes Grant is the best choice because the forward is the most gettable player on the trade market over stars like Zach LaVine or Deandre Ayton, who can only be acquired through sign and trade deals.

Should the Pistons pursue a Grant deal, they could trade Bogdan Bogdanovic, Danilo Gallinari, and the No. 16 pick in this year’s draft. Although Bogdanovic is the younger player, he’s recently been battling a knee issue that lingered all season but will reportedly be addressing the case over the summer. Meanwhile, Gallinari has a guaranteed $5 million expiring contract that could be waived so that Detroit can create more cap space.

Per Hawks reporter James L. Edwards III, Grant is the type of player both franchises need as a long, two-way wing that can score off the dribble and help them while they’re in win-now mode. He believes that Weaver will move Grant if he gets a “wow” offer like Portland agreeing to move their top-10 pick, believing the Pistons are willing to wait and see if such an offer materializes.

Regardless, it seems like Weaver and Grant will have some exciting options to ponder during the summer. Both Portland and Atlanta could be an ideal fit for a wing that seems ready to contribute to a playoff-contending team.