Report: John Calipari to Hold NBA Scouting Combine at Kentucky

by September 09, 2014

Arguably no college basketball coach these days produces more NBA talent than John Calipari, and he’s reportedly letting pro scouts get a closer look at his players during a two-day (Oct.11-12) combine on the Kentucky campus.

Coach Cal has invited reps from all 30 teams in the L , and plans to run his guys through a series of NBA-style drills.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

The event is a chance for Calipari to impress a throng of top high school recruits on campus visits and once again frame his program as college basketball’s best NBA feeder system. Kentucky is expected to be a consensus preseason No. 1 in the polls.


After the combine, Calipari plans to shut out NBA executives and scouts from his practices for several weeks – perhaps even months – into the season, league sources said.


NBA personnel aren’t allowed to interact with college undergraduates, but Calipari can simply shape his workouts to be conducive to the NBA’s needs. […] As one executive laughed, “We’re just there as B-roll for his recruiting videos.”