Report: John Calipari to Hold NBA Scouting Combine at Kentucky

Arguably no college basketball coach these days produces more NBA talent than John Calipari, and he’s reportedly letting pro scouts get a closer look at his players during a two-day (Oct.11-12) combine on the Kentucky campus.

Coach Cal has invited reps from all 30 teams in the L , and plans to run his guys through a series of NBA-style drills.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

The event is a chance for Calipari to impress a throng of top high school recruits on campus visits and once again frame his program as college basketball’s best NBA feeder system. Kentucky is expected to be a consensus preseason No. 1 in the polls.


After the combine, Calipari plans to shut out NBA executives and scouts from his practices for several weeks – perhaps even months – into the season, league sources said.


NBA personnel aren’t allowed to interact with college undergraduates, but Calipari can simply shape his workouts to be conducive to the NBA’s needs. […] As one executive laughed, “We’re just there as B-roll for his recruiting videos.”