Report: Kawhi Leonard Waiting to See if Spurs Offer Supermax

by May 02, 2018

The Spurs are said to be worried that Kawhi Leonard‘s camp is angling to force a trade, but according to the latest report out of San Antonio, the superstar forward is waiting to see if the team will offer him a five-year, $219 million supermax extension this summer.

Reportedly, neither side has broached the idea of a potential swap.

Leonard, 26, missed 73 regular season games and the first round of the playoffs due to a lingering quad injury.

Per the Express-News:

Leonard’s camp has not decided what route to take. They are waiting for the Spurs to decide they will offer Leonard the supermax.

If that occurs, Leonard’s camp will then decide if they will accept the offer after repairing any damage with the team, which is partly due to what they believe was a misdiagnosis of Leonard’s right quad leading to the current injury.

Also, within Leonard’s camp, there has been a feeling of dissipating support from the Spurs tied to leaks about his whereabouts while rehabbing, leaks about the Spurs’ doctors clearing Leonard to play, and describing Leonard’s medical team as “his group” – a term frequently used by Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.