REPORT: Kyrie Irving Playing in Brooklyn ‘With or Without Kevin Durant’

The chaos surrounding the Brooklyn Nets has become the biggest show in the NBA. The drama around the franchise has gotten even crazier after Shams Charania reported that Kyrie Irving fully intends on staying in Brooklyn regardless of Kevin Durant’s presence on the team.

“Kyrie Irving opted in with the full intent of playing out next season as a Brooklyn Net. In his mind, he’s playing next year in Brooklyn with or without Kevin Durant.”

Durant’s status is still up in the air with his potentially new landing spot, the Boston Celtics, emerging as a new horse in the race with their trade proposal that was reportedly centered around Jaylen Brown.

The Nets picked up Irving’s $36.5 million player option and did look to move on from him, but Irving has since changed course, according to Shams.

The Nets front office is still looking for ways to retool following a first-round sweep at the hands of the Celtics in these past playoffs.