Report: NBA, NBPA Struggling to Reach Agreement on Ending One-and-Done Era

by October 20, 2018

Over the past few months, reports have trickled out that the one-and-done rule, which requires high school athletes to spend a year in college before turning pro, will be banished by 2022.

Those talks have stalled however, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, as the NBA and the NBPA are haggling over two issues:

  1. The NBA wants players to be required to submit medical information to all NBA teams, but agents are pressuring the NBPA to relent because withholding medical information has been used as a leverage point by agents over the years.
  2. The NBA wants to mandate that players take part in the Draft Combine. Top prospects in years past have missed the combine altogether to avoid further scrutiny.

Here’s what one GM and one agent had to say:

“We’re investing millions of dollars into players who we’ll now have even less information about coming out of high school, and we should have the right to have all the information available on who we are selecting,” one general manager told ESPN.

“Some organizations are run better than others. A lot of success comes from a player getting into the right situation at the right time. If I can do something that influences that, why would I give that up?” one prominent agent told ESPN.

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