Report: NBA Removes Sneaker Color Restrictions

by August 29, 2018

NBA players will reportedly be able to wear kicks with all kinds of color schemes throughout the upcoming season.

The League is said to have removed all footwear color restrictions for the first time.

This is part of an ongoing effort to allow players to be more expressive on the court.


For the first time in league history, the NBA will allow players to wear sneakers of any color at any point during the upcoming season, league sources confirmed.

Last season, Nike’s first year manufacturing uniforms for all 30 teams, saw the addition of several alternate jersey designs and the removal of traditional white-based jerseys worn only for home games. Teams were at their own discretion to designate their home and road jersey colors — the Chicago Bulls opted to wear red for all home games, for example.

As part of the Swoosh’s eight-year, $1 billion deal to outfit the NBA, Nike has been aggressive in amplifying the look of teams and players across the league. Nearly 67 percent of players wore footwear of Nike or its subsidiary Jordan Brand last season.