NBA to Ban Media from Locker Rooms

In response to the growing coronavirus threat, the NBA and other major pro sports leagues have ordered teams to bar “nonessential” personnel from locker rooms, including members of the media

Coaches, general managers, basketabll personnel and PR staff are said to be among those who will continue to have access to locker rooms.

This is all part of a multi-step approach to limit the outbreak’s impact on its workforce and fans.


The NBA is preparing for media access outside of locker room settings that includes a directive to keep players and media at a distance of six to eight feet, sources said.

The NBA told teams on Monday that these actions were among recommendations of infectious disease and public health experts, sources said.

This revelation comes on the cusp of the NBA scheduling a conference call with league owners and governors for Wednesday afternoon, league sources said. The NBA has been working in consultation with the NHL and MLB on the decision, sources said.

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