Report: Patrick Beverly Told Stephen Curry ‘The Next Five Years are Mine’

Patrick Beverley reportedly told Stephen Curry that “the next five years” are his.

To which a laughing Curry replied, “Aren’t you 31?”

Beverley enjoyed trolling the Warriors after his LA Clippers laid the smack down with a 141-122 road win to kick off Golden State’s season.


“You had the last five years,” Beverley told Curry, according to a source. “The next five years are mine.”

To that, Curry laughed and replied, “Aren’t you 31?”

Last year during the playoffs, Beverley explained on a podcast hosted by former NBA players Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles that he does not talk to Curry during games.

“I ain’t gonna go out there and talk trash to Steph Curry,” he said. “Steph Curry gets 30 shots a game. Some people you pick your battles with. Steph Curry see me (not talking) and then he’s like, ‘Oh, what’s up with Pat? Oh, he locked in.’”

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