Report: Porter To Be Fired Monday

by Ryne Nelson

The Suns roller coaster season will likely be going through another  loop Monday as Terry Porter reportedly will be axed as head coach.

The Arizona Republic reports the Suns will be making a skipper change tomorrow morning.

There are strong indications that the Suns will have a new head coach leading them at Monday’s scheduled afternoon practice.


Because of financial concerns, the replacement probably would come from the staff. Lead assistant Alvin Gentry would be the likely successor, not General Manager Steve Kerr, as has been reported.

Considering the team’s ninth-place record in the West and the growing dislike of Porter in the lockroom, the decision is a good one by Kerr. Unfortunately, Kerr’s good decisions are all the product of initial bad ones. The Suns GM has to be wary of losing his job as well.