Report: Three-Game ‘Kobe Cup’ Being Organized in Italy

by October 18, 2011

The latest in the never-ending saga of Kobe Bryant possibly heading over to Italy for a very brief amount of time, has the Italians organizing something called the Kobe Cup. Yes. From Sportando: “As per La Gazzetta dello Sport, Claudio Sabatini and Rob Pelinka are still working silently to bring Kobe Bryant to Italy during the NBA lockout. The last idea is to organize three exhibition tournaments in Bologna, Roma and Milano with three teams for any stage. All the games would last 24 minutes with two quarters by 12′. Sabatini wants to involve also a foreign team because his idea is to sell the tv rights also abroad. The winner of the mini-tournament wil lift the prestigious Kobe Cup. The three exhibition games will be organized, if the deal is going to be finalized, from the end of October till the beginning of November.”