Allen Iverson Finished in Philadelpha

by March 02, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Round Two of the Allen Iverson Era in Philly lasted about two months. Not exactly what one would call even remotely memorable. And now, it’s reportedly over.

According to multiple media reports out of Philadelphia, Iverson will not rejoin the team this season, making it even more unlikely that he will ever wear a Sixers uniform again.

From the Inquirer:

Allen Iverson will not return to the 76ers this season, this confirmed by a source close to the team. An official update is expected from the Sixers sometime soon, likely within the next two days.

Since Iverson took his second leave on Feb. 20, again for personal reasons, it has been assumed that Iverson was not likely to return to the team. Those assumptions are now confirmed.

It’s a dicey situation for both sides — Iverson is caring for his gravely ill daughter, and the Sixers continue to struggle mightily — but separation is perhaps the best option at this point. It’s not what anyone would have wanted, but it’s the reality of things.

UPDATE: The Sixers have now officially announced the breakup:

“After discussing the situation with Allen, we have come to the conclusion that he will not return to the Sixers for the remainder of the season, as he no longer wishes to be a distraction to the organization and teammates that he loves very deeply,” team president Ed Stefanski said. “It has been very difficult for Allen and the team to maintain any consistency as he tries to balance his career with his personal life.”

Iverson’s second go-around with the team ends with him averaging 14 points, 4 assists and having only played in 25 games.

You can always go home again; happy results, though, are by no means guaranteed.