Ricky Rubio Wants to Play in Spain During NBA Lockout

by August 03, 2011

No need to panic, Timberwolves fans. Once the NBA comes back, so will Ricky Rubio. Um, we think. Mundo Deportivo reports, and I do my best to translate: “Ricky Rubio tries to focus on the preparation of the Eurobasket in Lithuania but it is very difficult to distract himself from the NBA lockout, which could delay his debut for the Timberwolves … Do you think this can be a farewell Eurobasket European basketball for you before he left for the NBA? ‘In some ways, but I do not see it as a farewell, but as a challenge that I take very eagerly.’ It is unfortunate that the threat of ‘lockout’ appears when you decide to cross the pond. ‘I knew that would happen when I made my decision, I stand by the consequences.’ If confirmed, the lockout, do you consider the option of playing at the Regal Barcelona? ‘Well, if it is confirmed the ‘lockout’, yes. I think if we waste a year it would be counterproductive, not if they were only a few months. I think we should appreciate everything I thought and still think that the ‘lockout’ will be short, or that it will not stop the season from starting, so I made my decision, but if I return to Europe, my first choice is [Regal Barcelona].'”