RJ’s Trade to Milwaukee Amuses Gilbert Arenas Greatly

by July 15, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Due to his easy-going personality and refreshing candor, to say nothing of his talents, Gilbert Arenas is one of the more popular players in the entire League. Don’t tell that to anyone living in Milwaukee, though. He’s now public enemy numero uno in that city.

Agent Zero came out of temporary blogging retirement yesterday to catch up on his whirlwind summer, and in the middle of a wide-ranging post, he made fun of former college teammate Richard Jefferson for ending up in godforsaken Milwaukee.

Richard Jefferson going to Milwaukee …. HAHAHA! Oh man, now that is funny. When I heard that, I started laughing. Oh man, did I start laughing. You know why? Because every player hates Milwaukee. Nobody wants to live in Milwaukee. I’m sorry, Milwaukee, to come down hard on you, but no one in the NBA wants to play in Milwaukee.

From him going from New Jersey, actually from New York (because he lives in New York), from New York to Milwaukee is like going … let’s just say it’s not going to sit well with you. That was a funny one when I heard that one. I know Yi is happy though.

Bet you won’t see that quote in the Milwaukee Bucks’ media guide next season!

Come to think of it now, has anyone ever said something positive about Milwaukee?