Rob Williams: ‘I Don’t Regret My Decision’ to Play NBA Finals With Hurt Knee

Rob Williams has no regrets after playing through the 2022 NBA Finals with a balky knee that forced him to undergo a second knee surgery that’ll keep him out of action for the next 4-6 weeks.

Williams first suffered the injury in March, causing him to miss the rest of the regular-season as he recovered from knee surgery to repair the torn meniscus in his knee. Williams was cleared to play in April but missed multiple postseason games as he pushed himself to play deeper into Boston’s run to the Finals.

Regardless, Williams said he was “solid for sure” in his decision to return.

“Hell nah, I’m solid for sure,” Williams said when asked about coming back to play in the Finals. “I played in the Final — you win some, you lose some, but I don’t regret my decision at all. I was 24-years-old my dreams to play in the FInals, can’t regret that shit.”

When asked about the mental health side of returning from surgery a second time and about any future concerns about his knee, Williams admitted that it took a toll on him.

“Some reoccurring problems,” Williams said. “Obviously, it took a tool on me mentally. I wanted to be there, but I’d like to focus on this rehab now and just getting back on the court; that’s what I’m ready for.”

“Mentally, (Monday) one of my better days,” Williams continued. “Just realizing the trust that I have in this team with my rehab process, the process that I’ve been through with them a couple times, feeling good today. Seeing all the guys together and stuff, getting back, but you know it’s a battle, it is tough, but I’m here for it. Like I said, I’m ready to get back on the court.”

Williams and the Celtics will know the next steps of his rehab after the 4-6 recovery timeline is up.