Robert Horry: Lakers Need a New, Younger Point Guard

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

Aside from his cold-blooded execution late in huge Playoff games, Robert Horry has always been known for his candidness.

When asked about the Los Angeles Lakers’ needs heading into next season, and beyond, Horry didn’t hesitate to point out what he (and many others) consider to be the team’s most glaring weakness.

According to the former Laker, Derek Fisher shouldn’t be counted on to be the starting point guard anymore. It’s because Fisher is very old, Robert Horry claims, no longer capable of doing the job meant for younger men.

From the LA Times:

“No disrespect to Derek Fisher. Derek is alone. I’ve been there, done that. They need a point guard who can distribute the ball, get everyone in order and not be afraid to tell Kobe no,” Horry said.

“You can’t outrun age. I think age has caught up to him. There’s some things he can do, but there are some things he can’t do.”

Of course, this is something Laker fans have been saying for years now, even when Derek Fisher was pulling off his postseason heroics. What’s noteworthy, is that ex-teammates (especially ones who won NBA titles together) rarely criticize one another so openly.

It’s clear that the Lakers must address their point guard situation if they plan on contending for championships with the current group. But Derek Fisher is a proud and stubborn man, who won’t easily fade into the background, to the chagrin of just about everyone who cares about the team it seems.