Rockets Show Yao They’re Not Soft

by Marcel Mutoni

Following a deflating two-game losing streak to Toronto and Philly, the normally kind and philosophical Yao Ming tore into his team. Chairman Yao accused his guys of being soft, which is akin to walking up to a ballplayer and slapping him across the face.

Against the Pistons last night, Houston wouldn’t allow itself to get pushed around and got a big home win.

With the scored tied at 61, Wells went face-to-face with Pistons center Rasheed Wallace after a hard foul. After Wallace offered the unsolicited advice not to venture into the lane again with that type of offering, Wells responded with a chest bump.

Both players earned technical fouls, and the crowd launched into a “Bonzi, Bonzi” chant. Fans, after all, don’t want to bear the guilt of association with a soft team.

The Rockets are impossible to figure out: They have all of the talent in the world, they play defense, and are led by a pretty damn good coach. So why can’t they put it all together?

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