Ron Ron Comes to Hollywood

by Marcel Mutoni

During the 2009 Playoffs, Ron-Ron spent nearly as much time inside the Staples Center as Jack Nicholson (as both an opposing player and member of the crowd.) Next season, he will make it his permanent home.

Artest told CBS Sports first last night that he will soon be a Los Angeles Laker in a matter of days:

“I’m definitely going to L.A. — to sign, yeah,” Artest said in a phone interview. “Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. I’m in L.A. right now.”

“I don’t really care about the money,” Artest said. “I’ll play there for nothing…L.A. was very interested in me, and they got me.”

Despite the enthusiasm, Ron won’t be playing for nothing. He reportedly agreed to a three-year deal worth approximately $18 million.

So, can Artest fit into the triangle offense, how much defense does he have left in him (especially with Trevor Ariza now being a Rocket), will poor Pau Gasol ever see the basketball again, what about Lamar Odom, and most importantly, can all of those egos on the Laker roster mesh?

I don’t have the answer to any of those questions; all I know is that it’s going to a be a wild ride in L.A.