Ron Artest journal entry #2

By Sam Rubenstein

Ron, Ron, Ron… Oh my goodness. The first entry was amazing and I had a lot of fun giving you all my favorite excerpts. Let’s do it again for the new masterpiece.

There are a lot of people in life trying to do things that they’ve never done before and it could be anything from the guy who invented Yahoo! to Jim Jones, who was told he couldn’t make it at first and then he became very successful independently. He had a lot of people doubting him. Now look at him.

DIP SET! Yahooooooo! Even I wouldn’t compare Jim Jones to Yahoo’s founder.

Even though I’m more of a mainstream guy because I’m on the NBA and I’m on TV a lot, it doesn’t mean that I’m always going to have mainstream views.

People might say, “Why is Ron Artest talking about murder and killing in his rhymes?” Sometimes you feel a certain way and you just have to get it off your chest. None of my rhymes are irresponsible as far as bringing up murder, guns and drugs for no reason. There’s always logic behind it. 

Excuse me for a second… There’s always logic behind it? Ron Artest is many things. Logical is not one of them.

Even though I live a different life from Nas, I really admire what he did with that and what he does. I said, “Let me flip that song from a Ron Artest point of view.” I didn’t try to be like Nas, but I tried to keep it on the same circuit and keep it in the same context as Nas had it. I don’t understand how people could say that I was dissing him. That makes no sense. 


I know that had to be a dream of his to play for the New York Knicks coming from Coney Island and seeing Patrick Ewing. Maybe one day, you never know, after I get my championship in Sacramento, I’ll team up with Stephon.


 I was averaging 22 a game but then I had to fall back and play defense because nobody else was playing D. I said I wasn’t even going to shoot the ball no more. I was just going to be an example on defense, and once everybody got focused, I could go back to playing my game. My average dropped to about 18 or 19. Then I wanted to be traded and I got out of shape because I thought I wasn’t going to play for the whole season.


 I got a lot of stuff off my chest in the last journal and I wanted to set a few people straight.

Those are my favorites, but as always there’s so much more. And here’s a link to his music video that he wants you all to vote for. I would say something about it but I can’t watch it at the office, since that could be misconstrued as sexual harrasment if anybody caught me.
Can’t wait for the third entry! Paul Shirley’s NBA writing has officially been rendered irrelevant. Nate Robinson, you need to step your blogging game up.